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Design Concept

Individuality, artistry, beauty. The design philosophy is simple but exceedingly rare in a world of mass production. Not only is each shell individually produced, the hardware including the lugs and strainer systems are painstakingly crafted by hand, piece by piece, to achieve not only an elite quality snare drum but also a one-off unique work of art.

Each drum is produced in entirety by Raniero Abbaticola, the renowned Italian drum designer behind Abb Drums who’s earliest creations from the mid 1980s are still being played today by drummers around the world over three decades later.

Where many bespoke drum manufacturers produce relatively ordinary shells from exotic woods and finish them with Chinese mass produced hardware, the Abb drum design principles are profoundly richer. Multiple manufacturing techniques were developed and pioneered specifically in the production of Abb Snare Drums. Wooden shells are produced by laser cutting multiple layers of birch, a complex and expensive manufacturing process thought to be original to Abb Drums and which remains practically unseen elsewhere in the industry. The lug and strainer designs are unmistakably unique also employing multi-layer laser cutting technology.

Ready-made snare drums are available to suit a wide range of tastes but designing completely custom tailor made drums has always been a core part of Abb Drums. Although our hand made brushed stainless steel hoops are a signature look, you can also have die cast, triple flange, S-hoops or any other type of hoop. Our signature distressed aluminium and wood shells can be made out of brass, steel or copper with a seamless, rolled or multilayer construction at any depth or diameter. Even the angle and profile of the bearing edges can be tailor made. Everything is possible because each drum is truly handcrafted.

These principles extend even further with the modular free-floating series. Drums start with a base or “cage” which is pared with other modular shells to form a complete drum configuration. This enables the possibility of changing the drum characteristic between wood, metal or even changing the depth of the drum completely. These modular shells can be flipped over to utilise a second bearing edge profile. For example the A side might be a straight 45 degree edge whereas the B side is rounded, another angle or any other shape. Changing the profile of the bearing edges can substantially alter the characteristic of the snare’s ringing. This modular free-floating set up goes even further with the possibility of having separate bearing edge rings. For example, a brass shell with wooden bearing edges. This enables a huge range of tones from just one system.


Snare Drums







Every snare drum is made by hand as a one-off totally unique product. Although we have a range of existing drums, many customers choose to work with us to craft their perfect unique drum.

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